Which GO! Fabric Cutter Should I Use?

Feb 17, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Katy Sweigart

It’s no secret to regular followers of my blog that I LOVE my die cutters.

Wait a minute, did I just say CUTTERS? As in, more than one?


Katy here from KatyQuilts to share all four of my GO! fabric cutters with you and why I love them all.



GO! Me Cutter


The GO! Me

Let’s start with this little guy, the AccuQuilt GO! Me.

This was not my first die cutter, but it would be a great intro to die-cutting for any quilter. Did you know that 70% of AccuQuilt dies will work with this little baby? It’s true! That's over 180 dies.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I needed this cutter since I already had the bigger ones.

I was wrong.

My grandsons absolutely love this! Seriously, this cutter can be successfully used by a child five and up.


GO! Me Cutter for Kids


They love to make felt projects, and the immediacy of quickly cutting perfect shapes really appeals to them.

This cutter is also the perfect size for travel. I always take projects when I visit my mom or go on vacation. Now I can grab this cutie and a few dies and I’m all set.


GO! Cutter



The GO! Cutter

I also have the regular GO! Cutter.

The hubby and I are becoming snowbirds, and that, of course, meant setting up a second sewing room in our new home in the southwest.

I couldn’t have a sewing room without a die cutter and this one didn’t disappoint!

I’ve had this cutter for a year now and I’ve made dozens of quilts with it. With the Ready, Set, GO! Bundle, you’ll be off and sewing in no time.


GO! Big Cutter



The GO! Big Cutter

The GO! Big is my most recent die cutter. I initially got it because there were a few large dies that didn’t fit in my regular GO! Cutter.

Wowsers! I love this thing!

The GO! Big is electric, no cranking at all! It is so easy to use and it’s a no-brainer to save your hands, wrists, and shoulders.

I’ve had both carpal tunnel and rotator cuff surgery. Despite all this, my die cutters have allowed me to continue quilting.

Even the manual cutters are so much better for me than using a rotary cutter, but if you have any physical issues, the electric GO! Big is a game-changer.


GO! Studio Cutter



The Studio Cutter

Lastly, I will share my AccuQuilt Studio Cutter.

This is actually the very first die cutter I owned. Always a proponent of GO! big or GO! home, my hubby bought me this for Christmas over ten years ago.

This big boy will cut up to ten layers of fabric at a time! It is big, the dies for it are big, but many of the dies are available as multiples.


GO! Studio Die


This photo shows a studio die for cutting 2 1/2” squares. Cutting ten layers, I can get 120 squares perfectly cut in one pass!

So if you have a lot of cutting to do, this is the tool for the job.

I love to use this cutter when I’m cutting lots of pieces of the same fabric or when I’m making kits.

It isn’t as portable as the others, but it’s a serious cutter, and AccuQuilt also has adapters so you can use your GO! dies in the Studio Cutter.


GO! For It

I love all of my cutters and I use them all! In fact, cutting might just be my favorite part of the quilting process.

Which GO! cutters have you tried? Which is your favorite and why?

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We can't wait to hear from you!

Happy quilting!

Katy Sweigart

Written by Katy Sweigart