7 Quilt Projects that Outlast the Holidays

Feb 15, 2019 7:04:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Quilts are versatile. Need something light in weight and airy in color? There’s a quilt for that. Looking for a traditional and comforting feel to top off a cozy reading nook? There’s a quilt for that. When the seasons change and holidays come and go, we can’t help but feel a need to, well, find a “quilt for that.”


However, the months between winter holidays and spring weather can be a sort of transition – a time where we don’t know exactly what to display. It just so happens there are a ton of wonderful winter quilt patterns that bring a little warmth to your home while still looking absolutely perfect in the chilly or down right cold days leading up to spring’s arrival.


A quilt’s ability to immediately influence the look and feel of a room might be one of our favorite attributes. In fact, if you ever have the chance to visit AccuQuilt’s headquarters in Omaha, NE, you’ll be greeted by tons of beautiful quilts and quilted pillows in just about every direction – both close enough to curl up with and on display. Take a look at these designs for some winter quilt inspiration.


Snow Crystals that Warm Toes


Sparkling snowflakes can fall from mid-autumn to mid-spring depending on your location. Warm or cold climates aside, the cool snow crystals in the GO! Qube 12" Snow Crystals Quilt Pattern (PQ11030) uses the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block to create larger than life flakes. If you use a smaller GO! Qube, you will see smaller snowflakes. Keep it at four flakes and you will have a smaller wall hanging or table topper, but increase the number of flakes in a row for a bigger quilt and more snow!


Dies used to complete this quilt pattern:

Optional: GO! Strip Cutter-2-1/2" (2" Finished) (55017 or 55014)


On a Winter's Day Wall Hanging Pattern


Cardinals on a snowy white background is just as perfect for your wall during November as it is in February. Want this wall hanging to carry you through spring and summer? Mirror the design on the back, with yellows and greens for your accent colors and blue fabrics for the birds. You're all set for the days when bluebirds and sunshine rule the outdoors.


Want to give it a try? Download the GO! On a Winter's Day Wall Hanging Pattern for free!


AccuQuilt Dies Used:


Heartwarming Slate and Taupe Baskets Quilt



Rebecca Silbaugh of Ruby Blue Quilts definitely felt the after-holiday decor confusion once her seasonal decorations were taken down for the year. Though she wouldn't necessarily classify this as a winter quilt, we can't help but agree that the "frosty aquas" in her Baskets quilt look lovely on her banister. 


Want to give it a try? Rebecca included the Baskets quilt pattern in her book, Seems Like Scrappy. Below are the AccuQuilt dies that can help you make this!


AccuQuilt Die Adaptions:


Plaid Shirt Memory Quilt



Is there anything more comforting in winter than flannel? As the air turns crisp, this fuzzy, soft fabric is everywhere from our bed sheets to our pajamas. Sarah Yuhr of My Charmed Cabin Life made this beauty for a client who wanted to preserve the work shirts of her stepsons' father in a memory quilt. Not only does it look warm and cozy, the meaning it holds is downright heartwarming.  


Want to give this a try? Sarah used her AccuQuilt cutter and dies to cut out the blocks! With such precious fabric, it makes sense she would want to be as accurate as possible with the least amount of waste.


AccuQuilt Dies Used:


Cool-Toned Modern Flowering Snowball Quilt



Madeleine Philpot of Missouri Belle Makes does a fantastic job of selecting fabrics that have interesting patterns as well as colors that compliment. Pastel blues and mints with grounding sapphires and jades transform this flowering snowball into an eye-catching winter wonderland. The pattern might have "snow" in the title, but this one would look great in any room during any season! 


Want to give it a try? Madeleine used the AccuQuilt GO! Flowering Snowball-12" Finished die and included pattern to create this! 


Snowflake Barn Block



For better or worse, snowfall doesn't stop when the holidays are over, so snowflakes look great for all of winter. This icy quilt block is perfect as one mini barn block wall hanging or table decoration, or can be repeated and combined to make a quilt. 


Want to give it a try? Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns chose a beautiful blue on a snowy white with a periwinkle grey binding, but with her Barn Block Mini Pattern, you can take your snowflake in any direction. 


AccuQuilt Die Adaptions: 

(Recommend using strips to cut squares and rectangles)


Bold in Blue Tumbler Quilt



Tumbler quilts are great for clearing out a fabric stash. And it works just as well for someone who likes a uniform look with only 2 or 3 fabrics as it does for someone who wants an array of colors and patterns. Debbie Simpkins Thurlby chose aquas, teals, blues, limes and more for this gorgeous and bold tumbler quilt. The selection is perfect for unpredictable winter weather and will look great whether there's an expected chill or an uncharacteristically warm and sunny breeze. 


Want to Give it a Try? Debbie used her AccuQuilt cutter and die for this creation! Take a look at the GO! Tumbler Baby Quilt pattern tutorial.


AccuQuilt Dies Used:


Nordic Winter Quilt 



Beyond the perfect winter color scheme, this quilt pattern pays homage to a more traditional and Amish geometric feel with clean lines. Somehow, even with all the sharp angles, there's something so cozy about this pattern. The creams, taupes, grays and reds are so perfect for winter holidays, but easily suit the transition period before spring.


Want to give it a try? Download the GO! Qube 9" Nordic Winter Quilt Pattern for free!


AccuQuilt Dies Used:


BONUS! Mod Tree Pattern  



Don't let these modern trees fool you! Though the ones in her image she shared are red and green, Kristina Brinkerhoff of Center Street Quilts created a Mod Tree foundation paper piece pattern perfect for any season. Just think of these in blues or shades of green for winter or ambers and browns for fall! 


Want to Give it a Try? This is a foundation paper piecing so the process for building this block is different from traditional quilt piecing. If you're up for the challenge, find Kristina's Mod Tree Pattern on her Etsy. Below are the suggested AccuQuilt dies that would help prepare your fabric. (Disclaimer: The resulting fabric would not be ready to sew like most AccuQuilt patterns. Take a look at how foundation paper piecing works here.)


Dies used 6” x 6” size:


Dies used 9” x 9” size:


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